Hello, and welcome to the future home of www.MorrisModels.com.  You found us!

Since you are here, you probably have seen our Kickstarter page.  The Kickstarter page is the only place that we are doing business right now.  It is our hope to raise enough money in the Kickstarter campaign to purchase a 80 watt or higher laser cutter and launch the model kits you see on this site.  If you are interested in buying these kits, please buy them now on Kickstarter.  If we do not raise enough funds, this business will not become a reality, and you may never be able to buy the models.  So please help spread the word - we would like to be able to launch.


This site will go active only if the campaign is successful.  Even then, it will only go live after all of the promised products sold on Kickstarter are delivered.  Feel free to check out up close pictures of our models on their own pages.  


www.MorrisModels.com - brought to you by the same guy that has brought you www.donsplans.com for the last decade.

Don Morris demonstrating prototypes.

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