V-Twin Engine Kit


Perhaps our most artistic kit, this builds a stylized V-Twin motorcycle engine.

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Our V-twin engine model was inspired by the Harley(R) Sportster(R) engine which was popularized during the 1950’s.  Many people assert that this engine was actually a radial engine with all but two of the cylinders removed. This certainly makes sense, as the radial was still the powerplant of choice for bombers and airliners when this engine was introduced.

This engine features an authentic blade and fork piston rod arrangement, similar to the Merlin engine of WWII P51 fame.  It has been rearranged to give the best view of all of the moving parts, including the four separate camshafts.  A nonfunctional decorative carburetor helps to complete the look.  It has a 2 inch bore and stroke, and the pistons feature engraved piston rings.  This kit is available with or without a separate three speed shiftable transmission.  We feel that this is one of our most artistic models.

With Transmission:

This model includes the optional transmission and three gear primary drive.  It has around 300 parts.  Assembling the transmission requires precise sanding, as the gears must have their corners removed in order to shift smoothly.  Also, the gears in the transmission are not durable enough to be used to drive the engine – so the transmission should not be used to spin the engine.  For this reason, we do not recommend this completed model be regularly handled in an unsupervised environment unless the final drive sprocket is left off.

In single size, this engine and transmission are about 14 inches tall by 17 inches wide.  The kit contains around 300 parts.  We estimate a build time of 5 to 20 hours, and recommend that our builders have access to a bench sander for their work.  This kit can also be built in double size (28 by 34 inches).

Without Transmission:

This model does not include the optional transmission.  It has around 200 parts.  We estimate a build time of 3 to 15 hours, and recommend that our builders have access to a bench sander for their work.

This kit is available in single (14 by 14) and double (28 by 28) sizes.

Building this model:

Our construction video is not yet complete, but feel free to check out the builder’s manual.

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