Store Policies

  • Is it safe to order from your store?
    • Of course I think it is safe! I take security seriously. Primarily, this means that I do not EVER see your financial information. This way, no one can EVER steal it from me. All of my billing is handled through Paypal, and they never send me your financial information.
  • Can I return an item?
    • As a very small business, I do not maintain extensive inventories. Please be sure of your order before placing it. Once I have shipped your item, it can only be returned if the box is undamaged and the kit is unstarted. In this case, you are responsible for return shipping and for a 25% restocking fee (subtracted from your refund).
  • Can we visit in person?
    • Morris Models is not open to the public.
  • Why can’t you ship to Illinois?
    • It’s complex. Illinois is a very anti-business state in the US, which is one of the worst places to run a business in the world. When I registered a small business, Illinois came after me. They do not understand the idea of a small business in a basement – and want to make me fill out the same paperwork Walmart has to fill out. It isn’t practical. I couldn’t keep up, and even shut down for awhile. I am no longer a registered business. No big deal – that just means I have to pay sales tax on my supplies. Except that means I can’t collect sales tax for Illinois or report sales tax to Illinois – because I have no business. I don’t have to report sales tax to other states, because I do not make enough sales to have a nexus in the other states (usually $100,000 to $500,000 in sales yearly, and in some states 100 yearly sales). So I stay here – the little guy.

Shipping and Handling

  • How long does it take to ship my order?
    • When the web site says that a kit is in stock, this often means that the materials to produce the kit are in stock, but the kit must still be produced. Often, the kit can be sent out in the next couple of days – but it can take up to 2 weeks to produce, pack, and send out an order.
  • Can you do a rush order?
    • If shipment within the standard 2 week time frame is not quick enough, I ask that you contact me before buying to see if I can accommodate your time schedule.
  • Are your orders insured?
    • No. Unfortunately, when I began shipping kits, I found that claiming the insurance on undelivered and damaged kits was simply not worth the time required. I self-insure domestic shipments (let me know if there is a problem – I will either re-send the kit or send the damaged parts). I DO NOT INSURE INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS. On international shipments, my liability ends when it leaves the US. If you cannot accept this policy, please do not order my kits.
  • If I select an express type of shipping, will that make me get my order quicker?
    • Maybe. When I see express shipping requests, this lets me know that you are in a rush – and I might be able to shorten our handling time. However, this is not a guarantee. If a rapid turn-around time is needed, please contact me before ordering.
  • Do you recommend any particular shipper?
    • No. I have had good experiences and bad experiences with most.
  • Does DHL work well in your area?
    • No. In spite of DHL’s claimed quick shipping times, they often take 1-2 weeks to even pick up packages from me. On the flip side, I have not yet had DHL lose a package once they have picked it up.


  • Is this model based on a ___________ engine?
    • My model kits are inspired by many of the great engines of the past.  However, I rearrange the parts so that they are visible.  Since the parts are rearranged and stylized, I do not say that our kits are based on any particular engine.
  • What is included in your model kits?
    • Laser cut plywood parts, hardwood dowel pins and pieces, and springs. In some cases hardware.
  • What tools and additional items are needed to assemble your model kits?
    • At a minimum, you will need sandpaper, wood glue, and a hobby knife.  Waxed paper is also highly recommended.  You may also need a screwdriver.  Any other tools you have access to can only make the process easier.
  • Can I motorize your model kits?
    • These model kits have wood on wood bearing surfaces, and are not intended to turn at high speeds.  Low speed motorization is possible, but may require you to provide longer drive shafts, gears, chains, or other items.  We do not support motorization, but it is certainly possible.
  • Can I paint the model?  Can I varnish the model?
    • Our model kits are made to close tolerances.  Very thin finishes can be used, but any thick finishes will likely interfere with the moving parts. 
  • Will I be able to build one of your models?  Will my 12 year old be able to build one of your models?     
    • We honestly can’t answer this question.  These model kits require patience and precision to assemble.  Please download the instructions and study them.  If they make sense to you (or your 12 year old), you will probably be successful.   If they appear impossibly difficult, these may not be for you.
  • I broke/lost/want a part.  Can I get a spare?
    • Yes.  Please contact us, and tell us the name of the part as it is introduced in the instructions.  We probably have dozens of extras lying around.  If we do’t, we will cut you one. 
  • Can I use two of your kits to build a 14 cylinder radial?
    • It depends on how determined you are.  We do not support modifying kits, but we are happy to see your results.

Other Questions

  • Can you make a ******* model for me?  
    • Maybe.  Let us know what you would like to see.    
  • Will you ever make anything besides engines?
    • Probably.  Check back over time and see.
  • Will you sell your kits wholesale?
    • That depends on the situation.  Contact us to talk.
  • Can I get a copy of your cut file and cut it on my laser cutter?
    • Sorry, but no.
  • Can I get my question in your FAQ?
    • Probably – if you ask frequently enough!