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My first laser cut engine kit was the 7 cylinder Radial.  Then came the monstrous 9 cylinder kit.  I always said I would do a 5 when I got around to it.  That finally happened.

The 5 Cylinder model incorporates most of what I have learned over the past 4 years as I have become the self-proclaimed world’s leading authority on plywood engines.  It is modeled loosely on a Kinner that is sitting in SIU AVTECH’s student lounge.  It features a much more 3D shape than my previous models.  One of the reasons I chose the Kinner is that it features the valves in the rear.  This allows the master and articulating rods to be fully visible from the front.  I borrowed from the Opposed 4 cylinder’s skeletonized construction so that the valve mechanism are still visible.  I added a planetary gear reduction and roller cam lobes for durability.  This is my most durable model to date and my goal was for it to run well enough to be able to use as a clock – being continuously motorized.  I believe it will do that – and is the first of my designs I can recommend for that kind of use.

This is about 14 inches in diameter.  I’m going to guess the parts at around 500.  I haven’t even tried to keep track.  Build time will be similar to the 7 cylinder radial.  This does have AN bolts to hold it together, and it has a limited amount of disassembly possible.

The video below shows the completed model.  Watch for it on Kickstarter soon – where you will be able to buy it cheaper for a limited time.  If you do order it here (backorder), do not expect delivery before November.  I do promise shipment before Christmas.

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None yet!  Check back in October of 23.

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