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I bought a tee hangar full of project aircraft from a Gentleman whose go-fast Long-Eze dreams died of age, inner ear troubles, and allergies to epoxy. I have go-slow dreams, so the two Long-Ezes are up for sale (see my other posts) and I hope to keep the Kitfox you can see in some of the pictures.
This post is for “Long-Eze 1,” a partially built aircraft with most of what you need to get into the air.
Heresay is that this aircraft was begun by a pair of brothers in Ohio. (Not Wilber and Orville.)   No documentation except the build manual (with lots of notes in it) is available, although some MIGHT show up at a later date. (That would be a bonus – don’t count on it). You could consider this to be a time-capsule quick build kit. I would guess about 40% of the aircraft has been built, but 75% of the money has been spent. The work that has been done to date is clearly of a high quality. (Everyone who has seen this in person agrees with that statement.) Appropriate peel ply is present, and the fabric is not the typical resin rich fabric you see on most builds that were unfinished. This has been hangered for an unknown number of years in a dark, dry hangar – but I would guess for 20-25.
What you get:
  • Fuselage Structure with Landing Gear. Includes new Cleveland 5 inch wheels. New brakes are included, but not shown. See pics. Tires don’t appear dry-rotted, but I would check a lot closer before flying.
  • Fabricated Main Spar, appears mostly ready to install.
  • Wings and rudders, fabricated. Ailerons and rudders not yet cut out.
  • Fabricated Canard and Elevators, not yet faired into fuselage attach point.
  • New Cowl, in gell coat.
  • New Canopy, still in plastic
  • Misc lengths of hinges and aluminum
  • New Wheel Pants, in gell coat
  • Microballoons and fiberglass fabrics to finish – NO RESINS
  • “New in box” resin pump set from Wicks Aircraft
  • Box of new foam cores to finish strakes
  • Leading edges for strakes.
  • Pair of nice new gray and black upholstered seat cushions. (1 shown)
  • 0-SMOH Lycoming O-290 with Mags, harness, Fuel Pump, Alternator, and engine mount. Also appears to have a set of primer lines. No logs unless they show up. No data plate found on engine.
  • Appears to be new 4” prop extension.
  • Gorgeous (really) prop labeled “Great American Propeller Company.” Stamped TO34BFK A3608 64×68 prop. Words do not do this art piece justice. Neither do the pics.
  • New Aluminum prop spinner with backer.
  • Shimmy Damper Kit for Long-EZE in box and newspaper.
  • New Fiberglass Cowl Scoop
  • New Fiberglass Electrical Switch panel
  • Misc Box of Electric, Including breakers, switches, and at least one NAV light. (I have not cataloged the contents of this box).
Also, there is the potential to add various steam gauges at low cost. The panel is not cut out, and I am guessing that the builder will not want steam gauges, but if you do, I have the ones for this plane and for several more. Same goes for radios. If you buy the plane, we can talk prices. I can hook you up.
Aircraft “kit” is located at KMDH in Southern Illinois. I am not a composites guy. I will try to answer any questions – most likely with photos. I will also meet a person or their representative for inspection, which I highly recommend before purchase. I do not know what is a fair price for this. If the engine had logs and was an O-320, this would be laughable, but I am going to suggest $12K OBO.
I do not expect anyone to buy this without talking to me!
Overall view of fuselage
Underside of fuselage.
Canard and wing
Wing and verticals
Main spar
They are new and they are clevelands.
New canopy.
New spinner
New air scoop
New electricalk panel
Rools of fiberglass to complete.
Brand new upholstered seat cushions.  One of two shown.
Prop, side
Pictures do not do this art pieced justice.
Prop extension included
New cowls in gell coat.
O-290 engine, fresh overhaul/pickled.
Engine and mount.
washed out view of interior.
Nose of engine.
Bad shot – sorry.
No carb included.
Uncatalogued box of stuff.
New in box epoxy pump station – $350 ish in 1998.
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