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I bought a tee hangar full of project aircraft from a Gentleman whose go-fast Long-Eze dreams died of age, inner ear troubles, and allergies to epoxy. I have go-slow dreams, so the two Long-Ezes are up for sale (see my other items) and I hope to keep the Kitfox you can see in some of the pictures.
This post is for This is N84DY, Sn 542. Before I say anything else, I need to make sure you know that this aircraft is rough.  It was a flying aircraft that was built by Don Yoakam – apparently in Iowa in the 1990’s. He operated this off a private grass airstrip. He retired and moved to Florida, and sold the aircraft to my aforementioned predescessor in Illinois. He disassembled the plane and trailered it back to Illinois. He removed the instruments and sent them off to have their faces renewed. That’s about how far he got on the project. He says he has the logbooks and the instruments, but does not know where. You are purchasing this based on no logs or instruments. If they show up, the logs will be furnished free and the instruments will be furnished for $500. There are no radios included. Aircraft appears solid, but rough. It has multiple layers of paint, which are peeling.
This aircraft was disassembled and stored with the intent of flying again. It has not been picked over or parted out. It will include an FAA bill of sale with paper trail back to Dan Yoakam. It will also include choice of propeller (I have 3). I am not representing this aircraft as airworthy. I do not know much about it or about Long-EZEs in general. If you are interested, I would recommend you either come look in person or hire someone who knows more about it than me to do a prebuy inspection. No damage to the fiberglass under the peeling paint is noted – although I would sure check it out if I was going to buy this. Note – looks like the guy also started stripping the cowl.  I believe this is the updated version of the canard, with the more modern airfoil and less sensitivity to rain.  Also, note the dihedral on the canard.   (Please verify everything with more knowledgeable people than myself based on pics.)
There is the potential to add various steam gauges to this project. I have gauges from several aircraft. (Nothing cutting edge or modern.) Same goes for radios. If you buy the plane, we can talk prices. I can hook you up at a discount.
Aircraft is located at KMDH in Southern Illinois. I am not a composites guy. I will try to answer any questions – most likely with photos. I will also meet a person or their representative for inspection, which I highly recommend before purchase. I do not expect anyone to buy this aircraft without talking to me!
Bottom side of fuselage.
Landing gear – mains.
Underside of craft with air brake.
Can’t remember.
Bow/body junction.
Underside of plane.
Canard, partly set in place.
Canard – underside.
Alternate panel for nose to eliminate ugly antennae installation.
Prop in box.  One of 3 that you may choose.
Hardware for wing reattach.
Chipping paint on strake.  No damage to fiberglass underneath found.
Chipping paint on strake.  No damage to fiberglass underneath found.
Nose of craft.
Landing Gear Bow.
Left Wing
Partially stripped cowling.
Right Wing
Rear of aircraft.
Prop.  One of three that can come with this project.
Front of engine
Quarter view of engine.
Left Strake.
Interior rear seat.
Top of strake w/chipping paint.
Rollover structure.
Inside of canopy.
Landing gear crank.
Side Panel.
Canard “socket” area
Overall view of aircraft.
Data plate on engine.Officialdataplate.Unofficial Data Plate.
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