2nd Quality Radial Engine Kit (Standard Size)

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This engine kit is the same as our standard kit, but has had some issues in manufacturing.  Some of the fins may be broken, or some of the laser cutting may not be complete.  If you are good with a scroll saw and glue, you can still make an engine out of this kit.  These cannot be backordered, and are only available occasionally.  Order only if you are willing to be creative and work hard.

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2nd quality - see above.  Available occasionally on a first-come first-served basis.

Inspired by the famous engines that powered Lindbergh across the Atlantic and America to victory in WWII, this art-deco styled cutaway is over 16 inches in diameter - large enough to look good hanging on most walls.  It is full of authentic working features - including a classic 
master and slave rod system.  The pistons and valves move accurately enough to be used as teaching aids in a University classroom.  When you spin the prop flange, you can clearly see how a three lobed cam plate operating in 1/6 speed retrograde can distribute valve motion to seven cylinders without missing a stroke.  Comes in a 12 inch by 12 inch by 2 inch box.  Check the assembly manual and videos below to determine if you feel that this kit is within your skill level.  We do not recomend this kit unless you have significant mechanical skill.  

  • 7 Cylinders
  • 1.67 inch bore
  • 2 inch stroke
  • Twin plate 3 lobes cams
  • Trailing Link Valve Lifters
  • A little under 500 parts
  • About 5-25 hour construction time

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NOTE:  we cannot provide specific support for what is wrong with each of these engines.