Shipping and Handling


Morris Models charges a flat-rate shipping and handling fee that varies between $25 and $50, depending on your worldwide destination.  This fee is the same, regardless of how many models you order, and it is based on the cost to deliver a single model, with every subsequent model in the same order being delivered for free.  We know that shipping and handling charges are a large portion of the cost of ordering our product, and we try to keep them as low as possible.  Unfortunately, it costs a lot to securely ship our products - particularly to non-US destinations.


Morris Models uses Easyship ( to send packages.  Packages go by a variety of couriers, depending on destination.  In the US and Canada, they typically go by USPS.  Most other countries use some type of package forwarder in order to reduce costs.  

Processing time and time in transit

Unless your item is identified as being on backorder, we typically can get it out the door within 3 business days.  Items that are identified as backordered will typically ship within 15 business days. 

Once your item has shipped, transit times depend uppon destination and courier.  Shipment within the US is typically within a week.  Shipment to other locations typically require up to two weeks.  Particularly remote locations may take as long as a month.

Returns and refunds

Morris Models is a small home-run business and does not typically allow returns.  If your item is damaged in shipment (they are delicate, and it can happen), we will do one of the following at our discretion:

  • for damage to only a few parts - we will usually ship you replacement parts at no cost to you.
  • for heavily damaged packages or packages reported as lost, we will usually re-ship a new item.
  • we may on occasion issue a full refund of your purchase and your shipping/handling fees.  This is particularly true if we feel that your destination makes re-delivery unlikely to be successful.
On occasion, customers provide us with bad shipping information.  If an item is lost in transit because you provided us with an incorrect address and/or contact number, we cannot accept responsibility for the loss.