Flattened Cutaways - Easy to Display
Full of Authentic Working Details
Beautiful and Educational

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    This engine kit is the same as our standard kit, but has had some issues in manufacturing.  Some of the fins may be broken, or some of the laser cutting may not be complete.  If you are good with a scroll saw and glue, you can still make an engine out of this kit.  These cannot be backordered, and are only available occasionally. ...

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    This is an approximately 500 piece kit.  It is cut from 1/4" plywood instead of 1/8" plywood, this builds a approximately 33 inch in diameter 7 cylinder radial engine with moving pistons and valves.  Much bigger and more impressive than the "standard" sized one, but takes about eight times as long for me to make.

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    Measuring about 10.5 by 10.5 inches, the "flat flathead" is perfect if you want to try building a Morris Models kit without the large scale commitment.   It is also our most appropriate kit to break in young mechanics.

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